Protectionism Confirmed

I just read that there are increasing numbers of NGOs & other groups calling for USAs DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency/Admin.) to be ‘relieved’ of their grip on absolute control over drug scheduling & research (effectively blocked). This has also included Industrial Hemp, until recently !

In 1937 the USA passed the ‘Marihuana (sic) Tax act’ which set the stage for global bans on Cannabis. The first ‘Drug Czar’ (Harry Anslinger) began a ‘reign of terror’ that effectively demonised & stopped any rational debate or further research into the Drug/plant (that had been used for 1000s of years). In 1971 Pres. Nixon declared ‘War on Drugs’ with ‘Marijuana’ as public enemy #1. In 1973, he ‘sealed the deal’ by creating the DEA (a blue-print for other drug enforcement agencies worldwide, which has become increasingly militarised).. the War rages on !

One thing that is apparent; Anslinger’s ‘reign of terror’ has just been passed down, with the job.. ie Absolute control, which to my mind is nothing more than PROTECTIONISM by the agency; for the agency. But a spanner is being thrown into the works, with blocks on funding to attack/prosecute: Medicinal cannabis, in states where it is legal.

I see similar tactics, here in Aotearoa/NZ where Drug policy conferences & political debates are dominated by the Police hierarchy, with the same intent.. block any moves to law reform !!
How many Police rely on criminalising millions of ‘Drug offenders’ to ensure their job security (funding protected) regardless of the societal impact ?

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