Dreams of Ordinary Men

One of my favourite kiwi bands : Dragon, had a song with this title, but it also sums up mine & many others hopes; about Cannabis law.
After a hard day of work or some other stressful event, most people just want to go home & relax. Many have a few beers or a glass of wine or two.. or maybe smoke tobacco, with no fear of having a knock at the door by LAW ENFORCEMENT.. But 20%+ of kiwis (R18) prefer to use Cannabis instead. By doing so under the current DRACONIAN/PUNITIVE laws in Aotearoa/NZ, we run the risk of arrest & prosecution, IF a nosey neighbour, happens to ‘take offence’ & ring Police !

There is still a possibility of Synthetic cannabinoids being re-legalised/regulated after testing for ‘low risk’ status, BUT no such agreements are forthcoming for the NATURAL plant (even though the tide is turning overseas) Frankly I find it offensive that this outdated law, still tries to stop the ‘Dreams of Ordinary Men’ ie to be able to grow & use natural Cannabis in peace, without any fear of the ‘thin blue line’ intervening !
Again : “who is the VICTIM of this so-called CRIME ?”

Of course there are other options; BUT why should I have to pack-up & move to another country that does not, maintain such a regime.. OR give up dreaming of a truly ‘free country’ ?? I keep telling myself that this is Aotearoa/New Zealand, BUT I often think the NZ is short for NaZi !

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