More Polls

I read on a newspaper website, that a recent poll shows a ‘small majority’ of kiwis support cannabis law reform, BUT most political parties are still not prepared to move on it.. comments include :

1) The current Govt. (right-wing) are sticking to their statements that ‘there is not real support for reform’ (OH REALLY)
2) The main opposition party, say its time to implement the Law Comm. report recommendations.. 3 strikes policy ?
3) The Greens are the only party in parliament that openly support decrim. law reform, but its not a priority !
4) Another ‘minor party’ said they would seriously consider a referendum.
5) A new coalition group has said they would support law reform.. pending their result after 20/9

There is a Cannabis Law reform party (not currently in parliament), but the national media tend to overlook them….

I find it fascinating that a TV poll, recently found 84% of respondents support law reform, yet other polls & politicians say it’s either just over OR under 50% ?

One thing not disputed; Aotearoa/NZ has amongst the highest levels of personal use in the world, per capita & its time that it was addressed, not just swept under the carpet. I think the idea of a national referendum would take away the level of doubt caused by these polls !!

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