Frontlines-News items

I read a few recent news items.. my thoughts:

1) Washington state USA has recently opened a Legal cannabis shop & has sold to their first customer. The main issue being ensuring their supply.

2) New York is moving toward becoming 23rd USA state to legalise medicinal cannabis. I read that it may well pass 50% (25 states before the years-end) Also possibility of more states legalising personal use ?

3) Here in Aotearoa/NZ politicians are still sitting on their hands about law reform, especially medicinal use for children with Epilepsy.

I watched the latest episode of ‘Back Benches’ (Politics in the pub). They had a panel of young party leaders from 5 political parties currently in NZ parliament. The host asked them about cannabis law reform.. They ALL said they support ‘legalisation’ (even the ones from parties that either don’t have a policy or currently do not officially support the issue). The question was also asked in the street outside & the audience watching.. it was almost unanimously a vote of YES to decrim. or legalise natural cannabis ! They interviewed an addiction specialist who said he agreed with a comment from one panel member : “It should be a health issue, NOT a criminal one”. One panel member reaffirmed his party’s official line; time for a binding referendum (I agree 100%)

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