Excuses, excuses

I was just reading another online newspaper article, about ‘should cannabis be available, medicinally in Aotearoa/NZ’

There was the usual rhetoric, referring to both sides of the argument.. BUT the thing I find almost unbelievable in 2014, is that politicians (power brokers) must be hearing all the info. about : it’s not a new phenomenon & has been used for 1000s of years.. is being used in several countries NOW to treat a raft of illnesses & conditions.. BUT it just seems that they are continuing to look for ANY excuse to maintain the status quo !

There is still references to : harm from abuse & supposed causes of mental illness, gateway to ‘hard drugs’ etc. BUT in a population of about 4 million with apparently, about 20% of adults using cannabis (amongst highest rate in the world), there is no real evidence of mass insanity (except maybe from the misinfo. & total B-S going around about it ?!) Alcohol is causing the majority of ‘drug related harm’ not just here, but worldwide..
I say “get over it, people” its time to move on………. BIG TICK from me to legally regulate natural plant-based Medicinal cannabis !

btw: This blog is not intended as a ‘source of news’.. just one man’s opinion, on misinformation I see & hear around me. Maybe a forum for honest debate ?

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2 Responses to Excuses, excuses

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