Warnings Misinfo.

I read on a radio news website (also heard it on the air) that the CEO of a NZ Drug detection agency is strongly warning against any moves toward law reform. He apparently has recently returned from a trip to Colorado USA.. the news report say he claimed there is : Kids dealing in schools, large increase in use level, increased numbers of ‘stoned drivers’ etc. etc.
I realise that law reform may well have created a spike in use ?.. BUT as happened in Holland, once the novelty wears off, the level of use actually decreases to lower levels than during prohibition !
As to the other stuff, sounds like Scare-mongering Misinformation (once again, echoes of Reefer Madness, to the fore) I also wonder; is it about JOB PROTECTION (like others who fear loss of employment as a result of law reform.. & will likely fight tooth & nail to ensure the status quo is maintained)

“Wake up people.. It’s just B-S”

The truth is; all the money currently WASTED on maintaining prohibition, could be much better spent on health care, rehab. & especially honest EDUCATION rather than: arrest, prosecute & punish (Failure ?)

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