Rethink Cannabis

I just finished watching a TV talk show : ‘Rethink’ on MaoriTV network.. the topic was Cannabis in Aotearoa/NZ (amongst highest levels of use in the world, according to UN report).

The panel was made up of:

1) a Det. Police Inspector, who just pushed the “Its illegal, leads to hard drugs, creates gangs & crime etc. etc.”

2) a young Political candidate from the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis party, who said he used it medicinally & supported legalisation & efforts to stop youth getting access to it. He disagreed with the ‘gateway’ B-S.. good effort !

3) a lawyer who said there was a lot of misinformation.. but also seemed to ‘sit on the fence’

After a few rounds of debate, the Police inspector stated that “we need to look at current solutions.. NOT possible future scenarios (legalisation) that may never happen in NZ” He was totally about pushing him being on the moral high ground & even seemed to be trying to intimidate the other panelists, especially the ALCP candidate.

I was glad to see it being discussed, but really just showed the current situation in NZ; regardless of other options the ‘powers that be’ are intent on sticking to/enforcing the STATUS QUO !

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