Double-standard ?

I listened with interest to the NZ parliament yesterday.. debating an amendment to ‘Drink driving laws’. The bill will lower the current limit from 80mg to 50mg (in-line with Australia & other countries) NZ again ‘dragging the chain’. An opposition MP highlighted the fact that by most expert opinions; the current level would actually see many people not just mildly intoxicated, but DRUNK.
The opposition were also concerned that the new law, would see anyone caught between 50-80, not get a criminal conviction.. just a small fine & a few demerit points (effectively a ‘slap on the wrist’).

BUT: this Govt are still adamant that possession of the smallest quantity of cannabis is still a criminal offence & they have no intention of either debating it further, let alone any potential law reform initiatives !
The Police still trumpet the ‘Harm of DRUGS’ & are increasingly highlighting ‘Drugged-drivers’ (TV Ads).. Double-standard or what ?

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