Political disinterest

According to a recent UN report, Aotearoa/NZ has amongst the highest levels of cannabis use, per capita (in the world).. even higher than those countries that have legally regulated personal use.. (Uruguay, Portugal, Holland, USA-Colorado, Washington etc.)

The thing I find astounding; recent TV polls show that over 60% support law reform, with over 80% supporting medicinal use.. BUT many political polls (heading to general election 20/9/14) show majority support for the party that has consistently refused to support any natural cannabis law reform initiatives. (They did vote to support ‘synthetic cannabis’ though.. now reversed)

Methinks that kiwis do seem to like their cannabis, but have a totally apathetic/disinterested view to pushing political change. The one party, currently in parliament that do have a law reform policy, seem to be increasingly backing away from it.. possibly fearing some sort of negative backlash, if they start strongly promoting it. The other thing being; in many western nations politicians are getting support for demanding change, but here.. there seems to be an agenda of: sweep it under the carpet, don’t make a fuss & maintain the status quo (failed; zero-tolerance prohibition).. the ‘devil we know’ ?

Wake up people, stand up & be counted & have the courage of your convictions.. Prohibition is a failure & its time for change !

“what do we want ?”
“Natural Cannabis LAW REFORM !!”
“when do we want it ?”
“NOW !!!!”

Again I point out.. does the NZ stand for New Zealand OR is it short for NaZi ?
the way cannabis users are treated by law enforcement here: 1000s of otherwise law abiding citizens/adults are arrested, prosecuted & PUNISHED, annually for little more than possession for personal use.

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