Colorado Pot Tour

I was just listening to an Int’l news radio network.. they were discussing the ‘booming’ cannabis industry that has sprung up in Colorado, since state law changes to allow a legally regulated market. Apparently there are over 200 cannabis businesses in Denver alone. There seems to be a increasing tourist industry, with people flooding in from the other states (& countries ?).
They featured a 66-year-old woman who was in Denver, with her husband on a business trip. Whilst he was conducting business, she decided to take a luxury ‘Pot tour’.. riding in a chauffeur driven limo. She (& the reporter) toured the ‘sites’ including a growing facility & then a shop where she purchased a ‘pre-rolled joint’ & a packet of cookies. The reporter then went on to say that the tour/interview had to be discontinued, due to the lady becoming ‘totally uncommunicative’.. all that could be heard, in the background, was hysterical/raucous laughter ! Ho,Ho,Ho & LOL !!

I would like to see a legal cannabis industry here in Aotearoa/NZ, BUT the politicians are even hesitant to debate the issue, let alone change the law.

Maybe its time to start saving for a ‘tour’ ?

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