Removing the Blinkers

Most people who have watched a horse race, understand why horses have ‘blinkers’ on.. to stop them being distracted by things at the side, that may stop them going in the direction the jockey steers. This is similar to the ‘controls’ being used in the war on drugs (esp. Cannabis) ie just keep pointing people to prohibition & stop them either seeing or thinking about other ‘distractions’ that may take them off this course !

BUT it seems that there are increasing numbers of people demanding the removal of the blinkers.. allow the ‘side issues’ to be clearly seen.

1) under current USA law, cannabis is a schedule 1 ‘narcotic’ : highest level of abuse & no known medicinal value, but this is obviously incorrect. The UN convention even gives exemption to medicinal use, but this is being deliberately ‘blinkered’ & ignored in many countries (esp. Aotearoa/NZ). There is increasing evidence that cannabis relieves the symptoms of epilepsy & multiple sclerosis. There is even evidence that it may inhibit the growth of tumors & some cancers. The CBD compounds are even being trialled against virus infections, including hepatitis & maybe even HIV.

2) Alcohol was prohibited in USA (roaring twenties) & was repealed as a failure in 1933, as it was seen to cause more harm (black-markets, gangsters, corruption & violence) than it was resolving. Cannabis prohibition is doing exactly the same. Alcohol is still causing more societal harm & its legal (road deaths, public intoxication & violence). Some say “we have enough trouble with Alcohol, why add more problems with legal cannabis ?” again just a blinkered view. Cannabis is an intoxicant, BUT does not have the same effects as alcohol.. you don’t see many ‘stoned people’ fighting on the streets or even killing people (as it was once claimed ‘most violence causing drug known to mankind’ by one; H Anslinger.. total B-S)

3) whilst industrial HEMP is becoming legal to grow in several countries, it is still strictly controlled (as if it could be sold on the drug black-market) these restrictions need to be relaxed/removed to allow this industry to thrive/boom.

As with the horse race analogy, there are obviously people who want the War on Drugs to continue, heading in the direction being steered.. BUT as with horse races, many horses DON’T wear blinkers & still go on to win !

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