Labelled ‘nuisance’

I read on a news website, that the Assoc. Minister of Health (resp. for Drug policy) has labelled ‘dope smokers’ & some law reform campaigners as a nuisance. (I have written to him too, “am I one of these ‘nuisances’.. Mr Dunne ?”)

The article says that he alleges that many campaigners are just using the Medicinal issue, as an ‘excuse’ to push personal/recreational, law reform agendas. I admit that I would like to see cannabis legally regulated for ALL its potential uses.. but I am not trying to ‘muddy the waters’ as is stated in the article.. I would prefer to see medicinal use given the priority ! It sounds like the minister is ‘muddying the waters’ of the debate by using stereotypical labels to somehow deflect the debate away from any law reform urgency. He has said that there are only a small number of ‘genuinely ill people’ who may benefit from cannabis & the rest are just ‘jumping on the band wagon’.. I think he definitely needs to ‘remove his blinkers !’ He went on to say that NO official requests have been submitted to run clinical trials, here in Aotearoa/NZ.

The heads of two groups advocating for change, seem to be both also saying that the Minister, is just looking for excuses to avoid the issue OR law reform. The head of the NZ drug foundation says that the Minister’s comments have ‘no basis in reality’ (I agree 100%)

The Minister is apparently ‘monitoring medical cannabis developments overseas’ (as I’m sure many law reform advocates are also), the difference is we are hoping these developments will lead to change here, I’m not sure the Minister is on the same page.. or even the same agenda ?

“Minister, IF cannabis can bring relief to ill people.. why are you really avoiding it ?”
“Do YOU have some other agenda OR is someone else pulling your strings ??”

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