Medical update

I just watched a current affairs program.. medicinal cannabis update. A family in NZ are part of a trial, to have ‘sativex’ (cannabis sativa extract) prescribed to treat the symptoms of their daughters severe epilepsy (Dravet Syndrome). The report stated that using sativex, she has gone from numerous seizures per day, that have caused brain damage, to only occasional episodes. The report stated that sativex is the only cannabis-based drug legally available in NZ & that it is not really suitable for this condition as it has higher levels of THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol) the ingredient apparently that caused the ‘high effect’ & lower levels of CBD (cannabidiol) which I believe is the ingredient that relieves the epilepsy. They said the sativex was originally created as a treatment for M-S (multiple sclerosis) not epilepsy.. but better than nothing, I suppose.

The second part of the story was about another young kiwi girl, whose mother (USA citizen) has taken her children to Colorado, in order to obtain cannabis treatment with ‘Charlotte’s web’ (higher level CBD) that is NOT available in NZ. The father has to stay in NZ for work, but agreed that it was more important that his daughter have access to proper treatment in USA.

The report closed with an announcement that another cannabis drug containing the higher level CBD is being considered for approval, but will likely not be available here, for at least 2 years !

What is the hold up Minister ?
These children are suffering, whilst you ‘pontificate’ about the legal status of a drug that can obviously relieve their suffering/pain & symptoms !

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