Medical – next stage

I read on another site, that a report in USA (march 2014) is looking at the next stage (after medical ‘marijuana’).. new research into other banned ‘psychoactive substances’.. namely : LSD (Lysergic Acid, aka Acid Trips), Psylocybin (‘magic mushrooms’) & maybe Peyote (cactus juice) etc. In the 1960-70s these drugs were added to USA schedule 1 (alongside Cannabis & Heroin) outlawed as most harmful & no known medical/therapeutic value. This echoed around the globe & these drugs were included in bans elsewhere.. BUT the truth is that LSD had been used to treat several psychological disorders & now it seems that a reintroduction of medical ‘marijuana’/cannabis, has reignited an interest into research of these other ‘illegal drugs’. Peyote & ‘magic mushrooms’ are part of ancient pharmacopeia from central & south America, alongside Coca & other plants that were widely used to treat many illnesses/conditions, prior to current bans. Several years ago, I read a series of books by: Carlos Castaneda (originally said to be ‘based on true accounts’ but later discredited as ‘works of fiction’) these books outline several episodes were the author reportedly used some of these drugs with traditional Shaman/Brujos to experience levels of ‘higher consciousness’ & as medicines..

As with cannabis, the biggest hurdle is the irrational propaganda & negative stereotypical nonsense/misinformation that got them banned in the first place, as used by ‘hippies’ & other ‘dropouts/low-lifes’ !!

Can it be.. a rational/sensible approach is coming to the fore ? (oh dear.. the big cynical monster rises again)

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