‘Drugs are bad for you’

I read that our current Prime Minister (amongst others) is out on the campaign trail, in the run up to the general election in September.

He apparently was at a high-school, where someone asked him for his comments on ‘Medical Marijuana’ (in-light of the rising tide of acceptance in other countries).. to which he replied “This is the fundamental message, DRUGS are bad for you !”
On many occasions the media has reported, that this current Govt. are generally opposed to Cannabis/Drug law reform (voted in a bloc in 2009, to block the passage of a medicinal cannabis bill, put up by another party.. it was supposedly a conscience vote & NOT specifically along party lines). I just wonder if the PM includes : Alcohol & all pharmaceuticals in his comment about ‘BAD Drugs’ ?

Well I only have one thing to say “Ignorance; TRULY is BLISS !” I’d LOL, if it wasn’t SO sad..

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