Radio NZ Interview

I just listened to a internet replay of a Radio NZ interview with someone advocating for legalisation of ‘Marijuana’. I actually found his words plain, honest & to the point; ‘Its time Aotearoa/NZ stopped dragging the chain on law reform’. Now that USA has ‘changed their minds’ it is likely/inevitable that most other ‘western nations’ will move this way too.

BUT the interviewer was either ‘playing Devil’s advocate’ or is really just a prohibitionist.. plowing the ground of maintaining the status quo. Her comments were just full of ‘Reefer Madness’ misinformation & stereotypical nonsense.

I don’t need to really wonder why NZ is effectively just standing still on this issue, when I hear such drivel being spouted, by a person many consider; intelligent & educated.. also, apparently a highly respected journalist ?

As I am only commenting on; my reflection on the content of the interview, not specifically the people.. I choose not to name, names !

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