Spiritual or Cultural option

I heard recently that Jamaica (West Indies) has recently changed their laws to allow Cannabis.. mainly on the grounds of ‘Spiritual’ use (Rastafarian Religion). I also know that Coca leave is widely used/accepted in South America for its ‘Cultural/Traditional uses’ (but not Cocaine ?) often made into tea or chewed. In the Pacific Islands Kava (a drink from the roots of a traditional plant, with psychoactive effects) is also widely used/accepted. Sadhus (‘holymen’) walk the streets/laneways of India (often Naked) in search of Spiritual Enlightenment.. aided by Chillum pipes, full of ‘Bhang’ BUT try & get similar law change here & its likely the ‘power brokers’ would just look for every excuse ‘under the sun’ (‘not traditional in NZ’.. BUT was grown in 19th century by catholic nun : Mother Aubert) to just say “NO !!”

In 1979; Bob Marley (RIP) & the Wailers (the consummate ‘Rastamen’) came to Aotearoa/NZ. The Maori people & many others embraced him as a ‘prophet’ of the Rastafarian religion & many converted. BUT in order to fully embrace ‘Rasta’ one has to take the ‘holy sacrament’ too, aka ‘Ganja’.. BUT in a country that is still digging in its heals about Medicinal Cannabis use (whilst many nations, now allow it) I can’t see the ‘Jamaican’ or Rastafarian experience being legally accepted here, in the near future.. Even if I accept, that Cannabis is not a traditional/indigenous plant.. to the 1000s of ‘Kiwi-Rastas’ it is a Spiritual requirement.. “All praises in the name of the MOST HIGH, His Imperial Majesty: Haile Selassie I (RIP) Jah, Ras Tafari !” (Last Emperor/Negus of Ethiopia, descended from the Royal line of King David, Heir to throne of King Solomon & Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah… Elect of God)

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