Dunsterdam news

I read in a local paper that a Dunedin activist has just return from USA (visiting whanau) & made a stop in Denver, Colorado. Abe is the manager of ‘Legalise Cannabis House/Cannabis Museum’ & brought back a few ’empty packets’ as exhibits in the museum.

Abe is quoted as saying “If you didn’t know the stores existed, you wouldn’t even know they were there” obviously very low profile.. he went on to say ‘alcohol-related crime was reduced.. people are opting to smoke cannabis rather than drink alcohol’. $millions are being raised in taxes & being spent on schools & hospitals. He added; that we should adopt a similar legalisation model here & become the ‘Dunsterdam’ of the southern hemisphere. Abe is standing as an ALCP candidate in the upcoming election.

The article closes with comments by other local political candidates: Labour MP says that the current law needs modernisation & is looking at the 2011 Law Comm. report recommendations. National (current Govt.) candidate says that ‘legalisation has been tried overseas & failed & that negative social costs in Holland had seen laws changed to allow Dutch residents only to use.. he went on to say that ‘it leads to increased crime & negative mental & physical health problems’ (paraphrase).. “OH REALLY” says I & I

I know which party I will NOT be voting for.. I recommend any kiwi who supports cannabis law reform, avoid them too on 20/9/14 !

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