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In the same local paper, as my last post.. is an update on Synthetic Cannabinoids/legal highs (now banned). The report has the comments from a prominent Anti-legal high campaigner, who said he was rapt that ‘legal highs are now off the shelves’. He also says he had a family member who used these substances for two years & is now apparently free of them. There was also a concern that this person may go onto ‘marijuana’ or other illegal drugs.. but this has not occurred.

The local Police reported, that they have not laid any charges since the revised laws (ban) came into force, but they are monitoring the situation closely !

A local Community Alcohol & Drug medical director stated that these drugs are still available & the recent bans had just driven them underground. He went on to say that he was NOT in-favour of the reintroduced bans & that the original legislation could have solved the problems ‘in a progressive & common-sense way’. He further said that “It is election year & unfortunately politics sometimes gets in the way of sensible public health decisions”

I agree, but also think that a strictly regulated ‘Natural Cannabis’ market, would likely remove the need for these synthetics all together..

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