Deserve a Medal

In all Wars, great leaders & warriors who perform acts of bravery or significance in the ‘face of the ENEMY’ are awarded medals. Even the Rank & File Servicemen get ‘service medals’ for seeing action in campaigns or for length of service..

Well I think the ‘Warriors in the Drug War’ deserve a medal too (I don’t mean those on the prohibition/law enforcement side) I would recommend the highest medals for ‘Gallantry’ to :

1) Founders/leaders of NORML – National Organisation(s) for Reform of ‘Marijuana’ Laws (now a global network, in many countries)

2) Founders/leaders of Green-Cross & other Medicinal cannabis dispensaries

3) Founders of ‘The Daktory’ (in NZ) & other Cannabis clubs/coffeeshops etc. (world-wide)

4) Founders/Leaders of ‘Legalise Cannabis’ political parties or those that have/promote pro-law reform policies & other NGOs that support law reform initiatives

5) Hemp farmers & product suppliers

6) Mr. Jack Herer (RIP) aka ‘The Hemperor’

7) Mr. Bob Marley (RIP) services to Music/promotion of ‘the cause’

8) Mr. Richard ‘Cheech’ Marin & Mr. Tommy Chong (aka Cheech ‘n’ Chong) for services to movies/music that promote ‘the cause’

In addition, a ‘Campaign medal’ should be awarded to :
9) ALL people who have done prison time for Cannabis possession or cultivation for personal use (BUT; not dealing for profit)

A ‘Service Medal’ to :
10) ALL the millions who have ever been convicted for possession or cultivation for personal use (even just a fine)

11) Journalists & media services that openly promote Law reform

Lets not minimise this issue.. the Govt.s of many countries, followed USAs lead & declared ‘WAR on DRUGS’, with Cannabis/Hemp/’marijuana’ being their main TARGET/priority & regardless of any B-S going around that means; War against those who choose to use this plant & face prosecution for doing so !

There are several other famous people, who have also ‘made noise’ to support & promote the issue.. who probably also deserve a special award too. (they know who they are)

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