Don’t Hate, Regulate

I attended the local J-Day earlier this year & bought a badge, which I still wear on my hat.. ‘Don’t Hate, Regulate !’ are the words written over a cannabis leaf.. says it all

The thing I just can’t understand in this ‘modern age’.. is why do some, with a different attitude, insist on declaring WAR on others who have a different point of view; “PEACE MAN !” has to be a better way forward ?!

Maybe we ALL need to take a deep breath & realise, there are certain things that make us ALL the same.. eg all of our ‘shit.. STINKS’ & its time we stopped being so judgemental of those who choose to smoke one weed (cannabis) rather than another (tobacco) !!

Sounds like we, all need to take a trip to Denver (or maybe Amsterdam.. which ever is closest)… rather than Prohibition-City, Aotearoa

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