Increased Militarisation

I have been watching ‘breaking news’ from Missouri USA, about nightly riots/protests as a result of a young unarmed black man being shot dead by a white police officer. (increased racial tension) Witnesses say the victim was apparently complying with all ‘police instructions’ & had his hands up, when the officer opened fire & put 6 bullets into him. The name of the officer has been finally released, but no further action has been taken, so far.

Watching the reports on an Int’l news network the one thing that stands out; the ‘POLICE’ officers are riding in military vehicles, dressed in full body armour, military helmets, gas-masks, riot shields & carrying automatic MILITARY weapons, (looking more like Soldiers on a battle field).. some are even wearing military-coloured uniforms, rather than the usual Police colours. The news reporter, even stated that there are many concerns about the obvious increased militarisation of the ‘civilian’ police force. The report went on to say that much of this equipment has been transferred, from the USA army to police, as excess to needs from Afghanistan & Iraq. There was a comment that some of the police officers are actually retired soldiers from these war zones, now employed to ‘fight crime’.

The thing that caught my attention was the main reason given for this increased militarisation, to more effectively fight : THE WAR ON DRUGS !!

I heard a comment a couple of days ago, there is also concern, that this increased militarisation of civilian police, may soon spread to other ‘western countries’.. I for one, hope NOT !

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