Kentucky Hempfields

I read that Hemp, was once a widely grown crop in Kentucky USA (prior to the irrational war, which saw no difference between it & the ‘illegal drug’; would have seen all plants/uses exterminated, if possible).. now that all the hurdles have been jumped, Hemp is again sprouting & blooming in Kentucky. The DEA apparently tried every ‘dirty’ tactic to block these farmers growing ‘Marihuana’ for industrial purposes (as it was once called). Farmers in 1940-50s had to have a permit to grow ‘Marihuana’ for whatever reason & this context is still obviously used by some today, to try & stop a revitalised industry. BUT it seems that this ‘gutter science’ is failing to maintain traction & the obvious benefits from Hemp are being seen, over the clouds of misinformation.

I read that a ‘trial crop’ of about 15 acres was grown, in Kentucky & passed all its expectations. I also read that several USA states are also following this trend & allowing Hemp farming too.

Here in Aotearoa/NZ the Govt. passed an amendment to the ‘Misuse of Drugs act 1975’ in 2006 to allow industrial Hemp farming.. BUT it is also surrounded by several hurdles & hoops to jump through, which has only seen a small ‘niche’ industry/market established.. BUT fingers crossed; one day soon, there will be; vast acres of HEMP growing here & world wide !

“Viva the REVOLUTION !!!”

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