Was he asking for it ?

I just read that ‘officials’ in Ferguson, Missouri have released a result of drug tests. It seems the victim (young man who was shot) apparently testing positive for THC/cannabis. The report says they are looking for credible proof that the drug caused him to become biligerant, aggressive & confrontational with police.
Other reports say he had been involved in a shop lifting, that day, BUT was compliant, unarmed & had his hands up when shot 6 times, by the officer.

This totally smacks of the ‘reefer madness B-S’ : that cannabis use leads to violence & even ‘blood lust’. I’m wondering whether the police officer, should be tested for THC too !

It’s almost as if they are looking for any excuse to say “He Was Asking For It !!”.. & deserved it. Judge, Jury & Executioner

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One Response to Was he asking for it ?

  1. globalmarijuana says:

    Yeah, the claim they make about cannabis is completely unrelated to what happened/what should have happened. If you recall the same thing happened in the Trayvon Martin case, after he was killed there were claims that he had used marijuana, which of course is unrelated and a way to try to ruin the person’s public image and hide what really happened.

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