Hear all, See all ?

I was listening to a USA/Int’l news show (radio).. one topic was a ‘revelation’ from Edward Snowden, titled : ‘Icy Reach’ (surveillance program) apparently can ‘hear all & see all’; meta-data, voice communication & other internet traffic info. too (recording literally billions of pieces of info. daily). They reported that this data, is now available to many Govt. agencies, including the CIA, FBI etc.. BUT sounds like a main user is the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency).

I find it fascinating that much of the ‘western world’ (excluding NZ) is relaxing their ‘Zero-tolerance’ attitudes (esp. Cannabis) & yet the DEA (possibly other Int’l drug agencies) seem to be increasing their surveillance efforts ! maybe the current drug-czar is ‘channeling’ H Anslinger (1st & worst czar)?

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