Politics, mixed messages

I watched a TV news item; a journo. asked an MP (a ‘minor party’, leader) for his comments on Cannabis. This party has recently announced a change of policy (from staunchly; ANTI) to now pro-medicinal (personal use ?). The MP got quite annoyed & said he refused to answer any questions that are ‘not on notice’ (given prior to debate/interview).. this kind of sends a mixed message. IF he (his party) are now supportive of law reform, why act this way ?

To give him his due.. “Good onya, for the change of policy !!”

Having said this.. mixed messages, come thick & fast from politicians, esp. on Cannabis policy. Many are known (off the record) to have ‘inhaled’ at least in their youth & yet they say (in front of the cameras) that ‘Its BAD & they do not support any change to the current laws’ etc. etc. OR just do the ‘Clinton-speak’ B-S

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