Medical Injustice

I just watched a TV news item.. an Australian man has been convicted of supplying cannabis & sentenced to 12 months jail, which he is appealing, on the grounds that he did not sell anything, BUT gave the drug away.
He was apparently growing & manufacturing medicinal cannabis oil, mostly for children with Epilepsy etc.
One family said their daughter was suffering literally hundreds of seizures daily, that have now stopped !

The judge obviously not taking into account the rising tide of acceptance of medicinal use, even in some states in Australia. This leads me, further to think that judges are part of the prohibitionist ‘illegal drug industry’ that rely on the status quo for a large part of their job security !!

There is a branch of ‘Green Cross’ here in Aotearoa/NZ that was acting ‘outside the law’ & supplying cannabis to sick people who benefited from it. Unfortunately a police officer posed as a sick person in order to entrap the head of the group; by convincing him that he too was in need of the drug, then when he received some ‘medicinal cannabis’ he served an arrest warrant on them. The head of NZ Green Cross was also convicted & sentenced to ‘home detention’ (rather than jail). If this is supposed to be justice.. what is just about denying access to this drug & worse still prosecuting people under an outdated & morally corrupt piece of legislation ?

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