UK looking at law reform

I read that Britain’s deputy Prime Minister has released a statement calling for drug laws to be considered for reform.

‘sending young people caught with drugs to jail, helps turn them into hardened criminals’

‘open minded about allowing licensed cannabis shops…’

‘wanted an end to ‘knee-jerk’ politics & desire to appear tough on drugs’

‘debate does not descend into.. those who say ‘the way to deal with drug issue… lock everyone up in jail’ & those who say ‘you just need to legalise everything under the sun’

‘it doesn’t make sense to clog up the prisons with young people who need treatment….’

I agree with all of these sentiments.. more in-line with changing policies/attitudes in Holland, Uruguay, Portugal & now some states in USA.. also the discussion occurring in several other western nations, now including a few political parties, here in Aotearoa/NZ (but still not currently, going beyond talk)

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