Medical report.. teen Pot-use

I read that a recent report has been released from one of NZ largest universities.. Cannabis use in teens (commenced under 17 years)

It highlights the following issues :

1) 60% were less likely to complete high school or obtain a University degree, than non-users

2) 18 times more likely to become ‘cannabis dependent’

3) 8 times more likely to use other illicit drugs

4) 7 times more likely to attempt suicide

The study found that the higher the level of use, the more likely to have these adverse effects (sounds reasonable). The report states that this should be taken into account, with any moves toward cannabis law reform !
Whilst I respect the findings/results..
I really question the ’cause of these issues’. Other studies have apparently revealed that many teenagers took cannabis & other drugs to relieve their sad feelings, from the fact they were already failing in their studies or other goals. Many were under extreme pressure from their family to succeed. Alcohol was also widely used, but was not highlighted in this manner, because it is legal & more socially accepted.

The point about ‘taking these issues into account.. with moves to law reform’ is to my mind; ridiculous !
The best way to address this is EDUCATION & to look at the reasons they are taking the drugs. Just saying ‘he is failing in school & he is using cannabis.. it MUST be the cannabis that’s causing it’ is extremely NAIVE.. it’s a bit like saying; in a study of 100 people who drink alcohol socially, we found that about 10% had a problem with their drinking.. so lets put a stop to ALL of them doing so (prohibition)

Its like ‘using a sledge-hammer to crack a walnut’ btw: I would never recommend law reform that allows anyone under 18 years to legally use any recreational drugs (esp. Alcohol & Cannabis)

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