Pot’s in a name

I wrote a post a while ago, about all the various names that ‘the killer weed’ is known by : Cannabis Sativa/Indica/Ruderilis (scientific names), ‘Marijuana’ (common mexican slang name), Dope, Weed, Dak, Kif, Ganja, Bhang etc. many of these names are either slang or regional names.. the one I always was unsure about its origin is ‘POT’ (common name since the ‘hippy 60s’). Someone once told me that they heard it was called this, because many people hid their ‘secret stash’ in a kitchen pot, amongst the other ‘herbs & spices’.. BUT; recently I read that there could be another possibility :

A Greek writer in 5th century BCE (Democritus) wrote of a cannabis drink that produces ‘visionary states’. This drink was called ‘POTAMAUGIS’ (Pot for short ?)

Sounds like a great possibility ?

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