Aotearoa/NZ had its general election yesterday.. whilst there are quite a few ‘special votes’ to count, it seems that the incumbent Govt. have been returned with a slightly increased majority, for a third term.. “BOOO !” says I & I

This right-wing tory Govt. have constantly ruled out any cannabis law reform.. only the Assoc. minister (from a coalition party) has come close to considering it.. BUT with potentially the numbers to govern alone, I’m expecting any law reform.. to go further backwards. 3 more years sitting in the wilderness, with NZs ‘war on drugs’ just raging on !?

All the parties that had discussed possible law reform, have ended up either in opposition (again) or not even making it to the parliament.

OH DEAR, what a f@cking SAD state of affairs !!

The unfortunate statistic (again), about 25% did not bother to vote. According to many reports these are often, young & disengaged people, who would likely vote for the left, if they had bothered….

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