Climate change protest

I see in the Int’l news, that there have been massive protests around the world, in many large cities.. protesting climate change & political inaction to address it. There were several famous people present (Actors, Musicians) calling for : clean, green & sustainable energy options to be used in place of fossil fuels.. I agree BUT; I go back to the apparent historical facts as to why fossil fuels are the main source of energy & pollution in much of the world. The global ban on HEMP !

Cannabis/Hemp had been used to make : bio-fuel, biodegradable plastics, tree-free paper, organic textiles, building materials etc. The flowers/leaves were used for medicinal & recreational uses too.

Now we have :

1) petrol from fossil fuel (high in sulphur).. unlocks CO2 that was trapped in the earth for thousands of years. Hemp takes in CO2 as it grows (effectively carbon neutral)
2) non-biodegradable plastic (takes hundreds of years to break-down)
3) trees being turned into wood-chips to make paper (process requires high levels of chemicals to breakdown the fibre & bleach)
4) Cotton is the widest used textile (requires high levels of chemical fertilisers & pesticides)
5) wood for building (fibre board) can be made from hemp fibre (hemp takes months to grow, trees take years).. oh yes & hempcrete too

I don’t want to get bogged down in conspiracies.. but there is historical evidence that certain ‘interest groups’ have hugely benefited from global bans in ‘marijuana’ (which until recently also included industrial hemp). The hemp industry is slowly recovering in some parts of the world, BUT if we truly wish to see a halt to fossil fuels, climate change & other pollution.. the best way forward is to plant the cannabis/hemp seed everywhere possible & return to using this GIFT from nature !!

btw: Aotearoa/NZ has just re-elected a right-wing ‘Tory’ Govt. for its third term.. kiwis are supposedly proud of our : Clean, Green, 100% PURE brand.. BUT to my mind, its a clean, green DREAM & 100% pure B-S. There is even evidence that several members of this Govt. may well be ‘climate-change deniers’ (maybe even members of the FLAT-EARTH society ?!)

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