Face the facts

I read that increasingly, many nations are rejecting the ‘war on drugs’.. they have finally realised (after over 40 years) that prohibition has had little actual effect on stopping drug use (especially in the West : Aotearoa/NZ, Australia & USA having amongst the highest illegal drug use, according to UN report). Its time to ‘Face the facts’ :

Prohibition has :
1) created black-markets
2) boosted the profits of gangsters/dealers
3) created a prohibition industry (police, judiciary, corrections), costing $billions to maintain
4) stopped medicinal access to certain drugs, that have been deemed, ‘of no known medicinal use’ BUT had been used for thousands of years, for this purpose (esp. cannabis)
5) divided many societies into ‘druggies’ & ‘straights’.. creating mistrust across the board. This is often driven by racial intolerance : majority of arrests for possession are young people ‘of colour’. This often creates; Alienation, limits Job & travel options (esp. for those convicted of a ‘drug crime’.. possession or cultivation for personal use)
6) criminalised & punished/jailed many, who should have been referred to treatment/rehab. for what many see as an illness NOT a crime : addiction
7) boosted graft & corruption amongst ‘law enforcement officials’ & politicians (taking bribes to turn a blind-eye)
8) increased drug use amongst rebellious youth, who are attracted by a ‘forbidden fruit’ mentality
9) given privilege to the ‘legal drug’ (alcohol, tobacco, coffee/tea) & pharmaceutical industry.. who are allowed to market their products ONLY
10) rejected EDUCATION, health-care, treatment & rehab. as a viable option.. rather enforcing; arrest, prosecute & punish. If they were intending to use ‘Harm minimization’, they have FAILED

BUT the truth is; prohibition has not stopped illegal drug use, it has actually increased it in many western nations.. driven by the massive black-market profits that can be made. The unfortunate thing, is that many countries seem hesitant to change the status quo, preferring to stick with the ‘devil we know’ & leave the blinkers on, even if it is creating so much harm & suffering !

Well I say it is time to embrace the ‘devil we don’t know’ & kick the ‘status quo Devil’, into the dustbin of history, as a failed experiment, that if truth be known, was doomed to failure. Prohibition has never worked (alcohol in 1920s USA).

If you agree with me.. get a LARGE piece of paper & write in block capital letters ‘I SUPPORT CANNABIS (& OTHER DRUG) LAW REFORM’ & post it to your local MP or elected official, maybe even your ‘head of state’. I don’t do ‘face-book’ or ‘twitter’ BUT I encourage anyone who reads this to ‘spread the word’ far & wide… “KIA KAHA !” (be strong)

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