Who is really running things ?

In regard to the ‘illegal drug trade’…. the U.N. & western Govt.s would have us believe that it is under their control, with Law Enforcement, leading the charge/on the front line.. BUT if you look a little ‘under the surface’ you have to wonder, ‘who is really running things ?’

1) the drug trade is run by ‘organised crime’ & black-market gangsters.. no doubt !

2) the ‘Mafia’ has always been at the centre the ‘illegal’ trades (for centuries), including: gambling, prostitution & drugs.. there are many rumours that the vatican has ‘connections’ too. In Asia; Triads, Yakuza etc.

3) the drug cartels in Mexico, South America, Asia & Afghanistan etc. are the main production areas. There are also many allegations that their Govt. ‘officials’ are either being bribed to turn a ‘blind-eye’ OR are maybe running these operations

4) many claim the real reason the drug war ‘rages on’ is because.. as long as drugs are illegal, prices are at all time highs & profits are equally HUGE ! Again allegations that these profits are no just lining the pockets of the black-market & gangsters.. but many others too. To grow an ounce of cannabis ‘bud’ costs almost nothing, to buy it from black-market dealers; $300-400 (in NZ).. Heroin, Cocaine & Meth. are many times higher.

5) the drug war ‘industry’ (Police, Judiciary & Corrections) also relies upon continuation, to ensure their job protection.

So when they say the war on drugs, is about stopping the ‘Evils’ of drug abuse/addiction etc. You have to stop & think about the other potential EVIL going on behind the scenes/beneath the surface too & the reality of why the status quo continues, year after year after year….. even though it is obviously failing in its objectives !

So when they ask.. ‘who is really running things ?’ I for one, have no doubt. What do you think ?

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