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I heard on the radio, that the pacific island of Guam (USA protectorate) is due to vote on medicinal cannabis law reform on 4/11/14. The report said that there is active lobbying on both sides. The biggest stumbling block, being USA federal laws that still rate Cannabis as a schedule 1 ‘narcotic’ (most likely to be abused & of no known medicinal use/value..) obviously in need of urgent review ! The report closed by saying that polls show at least 60% of voters are in support of this issue !

I also see that Australia is about to conduct their own ‘clinical trials’ of Cannabis. Apparently there was some disputes from state legislators, BUT their federal Govt. has come out broadly in support, including the Prime Minister !

BUT; here in Aotearoa/NZ there is only deafening silence on ANY cannabis/other drug law reforms.. whilst most of the western world moves forward !! I do hear that our Govt. is more concerned about whether to join another WAR (on ISIL), than whether to call an armistice in our own country (on the Drug War)

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