More from frontlines

I hear that a drugs ‘king-pin’; from the ‘knights templar’ cartel in Michoacan state Mexico, has been caught. BUT methinks that this will do little, to curtail the illegal drug trade.. there is probably the next in line, ready to just step up & take over. More evidence that the Drug war is having no significant effect on the global drugs trade.

I also saw a news item, that tobacco production in Kentucky USA is being diverted into medical research (apparently treatment for Ebola ?). They are also looking to use it as biomass to make bio-fuels. The report said that this was as a result of the massive drop-off, in global sales of cigarettes. It is interesting that cannabis has also been highlighted for its potential medicinal & industrial uses, including as a potential raw material for bio-fuel production, but is being often overlooked. I guess the difference being, the financial input & interest in research, which is likely being funded by ‘BIG TOBACCO’ (maybe also the clouds around there legal status) ?

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