Confusion rules

I read on another blog, at item about politics & medicinal issues.. so I threw in my 10c worth about the politics around medicinal cannabis, in Aotearoa/NZ. First I was told by the mediator that it was not really ‘on-topic’. I responded by saying that the blog item was about medicinal issues & so was my post.
I see a few others have now responded on my comment.. but most are talking about the illegality of ‘the drug’. Sounds like many people just cannot accept that cannabis can be used for it medicinal properties & its not just about ‘getting high’.. Confusion Rules, NOT OK !

My main thrust was that in a recent TV poll over 80% of respondents said “YES” to medicinal use, BUT this huge majority was just ignored.. AGAIN, by the politicians

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2 Responses to Confusion rules

  1. Pete George says:

    Many blogs don’t like you linking to your own blog via comments. Seems to be trying to protect their patch or if they think your politics is “wrong”. The best way to do it is to provide a summary or post key points that stand alone as a comment with a link to the full post. Some still won’t like that but if you’re either on topic or in Open forum you’re welcome to do this at Your NZ, linking is the backbone of blogs.

    • zedd99 says:

      Thx for the comment Pete. I don’t intend to use other blogs, to link to mine, BUT if i see a post on other blogs that relate to NZ drug law (spec. cannabis law reform) I will often add my 10c worth.
      There is quite a bit of stuff out there on the topic, but I often fine that there is more misinfo. than what I see as genuine/honest !

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