‘New’ Drugs

Al Jazeera just showed a news story from USA on the ‘new’ drug addiction issue.. opioid prescriptions : ‘Oxycontin’ & the latest ‘Zohydro’
They interviewed a group of guys who said they started off (in their teens), buying these pills on the street.. BUT now many have moved onto heroin !
Most of these opioid drugs are being prescribed to treat just about any pain issue, including sore backs. A doctor said these drugs should only be prescribed to treat severe pain, but the drug companies are apparently turning Americans into ‘prescription junkies’ (a mass ‘experiment’ ?)
They said opioid use in USA is at an all time high & the pharmaceutical companies are making MASSIVE profits & influencing political thinking on the issue. The other issue is people die from overdose of these drugs !

BUT I still hear.. Cannabis is the biggest ‘NO, NO’ in many countries, including Aotearoa/NZ

btw: I hear that opium production in Afghanistan is also at an all time high !

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