Police review

In light of the events in my last post.. I hear on the radio, there are some calling for independent review of police practices around drugs (securing them once seized) etc.

I think there should also be mandatory testing too.. I remember a TV interview (some time ago) with the head of the police union (still in the role & now calling for full arming of NZ police). He stated that the union would never support either mandatory or even random testing & went on to say “the public need to trust us”, OR was he really saying ‘the police are above the law ?’

Again.. in light of the recent guilty plea, I think some sort of stricter controls needs to be implemented ASAP
I keep hearing the old saying.. “If you are doing nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear” well maybe the head of the police union could step up & prove he has nothing to fear !

Many other sectors of NZ society are now subjected to workplace drug testing..

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