WHO recommendations

I read that a 159-page report, with recommendations on personal Drug use from the World Health Organisation was issued in July 2014. It must have been ‘in secret’ as I did not see anything about it in the ‘mainstream media’.. the report includes the following :

1) Countries should work toward developing policies & laws that decriminalise injection & other use of drugs, & thereby reduce incarceration.

2) Countries should work toward developing policies & laws that decriminalise the use of clean needles & syringes (that permit needle & syringe programs) & that legalise opioid substitution therapy, for people who have opioid dependence.

3) Countries should ban compulsory treatment for people who use &/or inject drugs.

The recommendations refer specifically to the decriminalisation of personal drug use.. BUT not cultivation, production or trafficking. The organisation is NOT calling for the legalisation of drugs worldwide.

The WHOs favourable take on decriminalisation of personal drug use, is not entirely new coming from a U.N. agency.

It was noted that the 1988 U.N. convention against illicit traffic of Narcotic drugs & Psychoactive substances, permits countries to criminalise personal use of drugs… it also allows : measures for the treatment, education, aftercare, rehabilitation & social reintegration of ‘offenders’

The U.N. General Assembly, plans to hold a special session in 2016 to assess the ‘world drug problem’
Similar sessions in the past, have focused on more idealistic & arguably impractical notions of creating a ‘Drug-free world’ BUT if the WHO report is a prologue, then the upcoming event may shift toward seeing decriminalisation of personal drug use as a key solution.

It was further reported that only 7% of Americans think USA is winning the ‘War on Drugs’ & that the majority of weapons being shipped into : Mexico, Central & South America are going to Drug Cartels..

I for one.. welcome any moves away from the ‘STATUS QUO !’ ie ‘The War on Drugs’

btw: During the heat of Alcohol Prohibition (USA 1920s) personal use was rarely, if ever an arrestable offence (according to my research) it was mainly for manufacture & supply.

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