From frontlines.. USA

I listened to an independent USA radio program this a.m. They interviewed an American drug law activist who is in Mexico attending a conference. He said (paraphrase) :

1) Mexican law makers are increasing saying that America’s drug war is a failure & causing great harm to the country, the people & their economy. He said that USA is demanding the continuation of the war, but increasingly backing away from it in their own country & if California regulates Cannabis, this will likely signal ‘its time to end the war in Mexico’

2) Americans are increasingly stating its time to end the ‘war on drugs’.. recent polls & state referendums are making this clear, with over 50% voting for law reform & more states following the examples of Colorado & Washington, on Rec. use & the 23-plus states that have allowed Med-use

3) He said its time for people to ‘come out of the shadows’ & stand up !

I agree 100% with these thoughts & would like the people here in Aotearoa/NZ to follow these examples too !!

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