Cannabis alert

I just watched a TV news item.. the NZ police are calling on all people to report suspicious activity, that could be planting of cannabis. (people going into the local bush with spades, bags of fertiliser etc.) The officer said that it is the start of the season & they do not have resources, to do more than effectively scratch the surface ! He said thousands of plants are seized annually & this is likely only a small percentage of the total..
The officer being interviewed indicated that they, were not really focusing on ‘small plots for personal use’ BUT rather commercial operations run by gangs & organised crime.

I find it interesting, in that I watched an episode of ‘DRUG BUST’ (reality TV) last year & they were swooping in on every plot in a certain area, guided by police in helicopters (at huge cost). Most were just ‘small plots for personal use’ including one that had 3 plants & was being grown by a middle-aged woman to ‘relieve her back pain’. She stated that she thought they must be involved in a major operation & was greatly surprised when they arrived at her house.. She was arrested & prosecuted.

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