High Time ?

I watched a replay of a TV doco last evening.. ‘Inside NZ – High Time ?’ the TV guide blurb :
“Documentary about the facts & fallacies surrounding cannabis, & a look into whether the drug should be legal’
I think this doco. was made in 2011 soon after the release of the ‘much awaited’ NZ Law Comm. report into the outdated ‘Misuse of Drugs Act 1975’ (which has mostly been ignored by the current Govt. & is collecting dust.)

The doco. is full of interviews with activists & other ‘experts’ on the issue, including :

1) Dakta Green (aka Ken Morgan, previously a campaigner for weekend trading & casinos) : an ex-National candidate, who was strongly opposed to cannabis, until he ‘had a smoke with his son’.. he is now very Pro-law reform & opened ‘The Daktory’ (a smoking club) but Now CLOSED.

2) Dr. David Nutt : ex-Chief Drug advisor to the UK Govt. who was sacked by their PM for daring to state that Cannabis is less harmful than Alcohol & Tobacco & should be legally regulated (not prohibited).

3) A member of the Law Comm. who said the recommendations in the report should be adopted : decrim. rec use, medicinal trials etc. & that prohibition is causing more harm than Cannabis to society

4) 2 x retired senior Police officers who agreed that prohibition is a failure & cannabis should be decriminalised.

5) Billy McKee : head of NZ GreenCross (med-use) who was prosecuted for dealing.

6) the ‘Ganja Granny’ who was prosecuted for cultivating cannabis for personal medicinal use. The police claimed she was dealing & risked taking away her house & other possessions as ‘proceeds of crime’ which she strongly denies.

They also showed footage of Dakta Green’s efforts to reform NZ drug law. (scenes from the ‘Daktory’) . This was interlaced with police arresting several activists etc. Whilst this doco. does show an alternative view to the usual prohibitionist status quo propaganda, again without either the public or political will to stand up & be counted.. it will have no effect on changing anything !

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