Death in Mexico

I have seen a few news stories recently about 43 students who have ‘gone missing’ in Mexico… on an Int’l news network, they interviewed a few people ‘in the know’. This is the gist of their comments :

1) the 43 were protesting against the out-dated Drug war, raging in Mexico

2) the 43 were rounded up by police & handed over to a Drug cartel

3) the 43 were killed by the cartel members & the bodies burned on a bonfire

4) the Police & Bureaucrats (politicians) are really, in the pockets of the drug cartels.. money & power

5) Mexico’s drug war is continued, mostly at the demand of USA Govt. Much of the ‘illegal drugs’ (cannabis & coca) floods into the USA

As I stated previously the hypocrisy, being USA is increasingly easing, relaxing its drug laws.
The other glaring issue being USA stormed into Afghanistan (‘war on terror’) claiming they were intent on also fighting the war on Opium production. Under the Taliban, Opium was actually at all time LOW levels. I read that since the invasion, it has reached all time HIGHS & the rumors are that the Govt. are running this ‘black-market’ trade, with the permission & full knowledge of USA !!
Could it be the same is occurring in Mexico (& much of the world) ?

At the close of the news story, they highlighted that 1000s of mexicans dies annually at the hands of Police & the cartels.. but drug production is not decreasing & the war in NOT being won !
There are increasing calls for alternatives, but mostly being ignored.

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