Still just excuses

I was reading some info. on another blog… talking about the alleged connection between cannabis use & mental illness etc. The article says that most of the ‘reasons for the current prohibition’ are still just excuses based on this thinking & I AGREE !
Some examples :

1) cannabis use (or is it ABUSE) amongst teenagers has causal links to schizophrenia & other mental conditions. BUT there are just as many studies that show that it could well be either ‘a trigger’ that MAY bring on these illnesses (already predisposed) OR people who suffer the onset, self medicate with cannabis. The common public thinking is, that it is a direct cause !

2) that cannabis causes brain damage. Whilst it is clear that alcohol does cause brain damage there is apparently no such EVIDENCE that cannabis does this. Much of the misinfo. on the issue was based on studies done on monkeys (1960s).. the monkeys were subjected the MASSIVE doses of cannabis smoke, which eventually killed the animals. Modern reviews of there ‘studies’ point to the fact that it was likely a lack of oxygen that killed the monkeys & caused any brain injury. modern ‘Gutter Science’

3) that cannabis use (especially in teenagers) reduces IQ. Again there is no real EVIDENCE to prove this. Many of these studies were based on selecting data that matched the outcome they were trying to PROVE. ie take a group of 100 people in a case study, find a few that match your requirements & disregard the rest.. then HIGHLIGHT the few & say ‘look here is the evidence !’ (as often happened with ‘cannabis research’) The ‘experts’ were given huge research grants to PROVE these negative outcomes.. whether true or not.

Someone once said (paraphrase) that ‘if your salary relies upon doing or proving something, whether you believe it or not, you will always find a reason to support it !’
The other point being; even if it is true that cannabis does have negative effects on young people.. it is not excuse to prohibit ALL people from using it

There is also a comparison to ‘witch trials’ in the middle-ages… anyone who was different or did not fit in with the ‘norms’ of mainstream society was labelled a witch & even burned at the stake. As with cannabis, they were often presumed GUILTY unless (rarely) proven innocent

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