“NO” to Med-use reaffirmed

I read on another site, that the latest NZ Minister of Health, has reaffirmed the Govt. stance on Medicinal Cannabis : ie “NO !”

“my clinical experience has led me to the view that (Cannabis) decriminalisation isn’t going to work & the policy settings at the moment are the right ones…we need less marijuana in society, not more !”

It’s fascinating; that a registered medical practitioner (medical doctor) uses the word ‘marijuana’.. a slang name for CANNABIS. You would think a professional, qualified person in this field would use the proper scientific name for this plant/drug ?!

I also read that this minister (like others) has admitted having ‘smoked some in his youth’..
the head of the NZ Drug foundation appears to disagree with this official Govt. stance, commenting that ‘there is a global shift away from ‘hard on drugs’ approach (eg USA etc.) Aotearoa/NZ has fallen behind’. But he also commented that ‘politicians have shied away from changing drug policy, because it is widely considered ‘political poison’.

On further thoughts.. the fact that the minister used the word ‘marijuana’ (rather than cannabis, is often a sign of spreading misinformation) is effectively stating that he is not prepared to seperate medicinal use from recreational use (the word ‘marijuana’ is more commonly used in this context !)

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2 Responses to “NO” to Med-use reaffirmed

  1. Widzialiścię tą petycje już? ciekawe co o takiego jest.

    Ja się podpisałem 🙂 Legalizacja tu! Legalizacja teraz!!!!

    • zedd99 says:

      Sorry.. I don’t understand your comment, but it does sound like you agree with me ‘legalizacja’ looks like ‘LEGALISE IT’ & a 🙂


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