Talkback response to Bali bust

I listened briefly to a national talkback radio program this morning.. the topic was the NZ man recently arrested in Bali Indonesia, on charges of importing 1.7kg of methamphetamine. I only heard a few callers & a few comments from the host.

Most of the callers were saying ‘he knew what he was doing & deserves to suffer the consequences’. One person said ‘he should just rot in prison’ & yet another was actually quite annoyed at the ‘unsympathetic comments’ & said he heard he was a ‘simple man’ who had apparently, been conned by a woman he met on-line, to carry the drugs.
The reply from the host, was interesting.. he said (paraphrase) ‘I was sympathetic at first, but these drugs kill people & he deserves the full penalty of the law’

I occasionally watch these reality TV shows, about customs.. they often feature ‘drug seizures’ at airports, BUT also sometimes seizures of alcohol & tobacco (legal drugs), that exceed the ‘legal quantity allowed’. I remember one episode, were a suitcase was packed with cigarettes.. 100s of packets (Tobacco also kills people). The perpetrators just got the ‘drugs’ seized & a fine. They were then free to go !

Once again proving that PROPAGANDA is a powerful tool, in shaping the entrenched ‘public perception’ on DRUGS.. the man in Bali, now potentially faces the death penalty

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