News from NZ frontline

I saw a recent TV news item.. that a house in northern NZ was raided & several people arrested for manufacture/supply of methamphetamine. There was apparently over 2kgs of the drug, a large amount of cash & some guns/ammo. The reporter said the drugs had a ‘street value’ of about $3million ($1000/gram).. again proving that the ILLEGAL trade is all about money !

Whilst I do not support the prohibition approach to control of drugs.. it is obvious from this story that it IS causing a huge black-market & likely only scratching the surface. A few of the arrested people were allegedly ‘patched gang members’.

The reporter said that ‘Police had called it a great success in the drug war & it had made a large dent in the drug trade’ (paraphrased). I’m sure, in their minds it is ‘a great success’ (justifies their existence) BUT whether it has really made a ‘large dent in the drug trade’ is just speculation. The black-market drug trade always seems to recover/continue regardless of how many they arrest & lock up !

I just wonder what a third of NZ police would do with themselves.. IF kiwis also took zero-tolerance seriously & stopped all illegal drug use (not going to happen soon).. they may have to actually start solving the high levels of unresolved crime : break & enter ROBBERY (only about 15% apparently ever resolved.. arrest & prosecution) etc.

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