I met a friend at a local cafe yesterday, called ‘The Vaporium’. I don’t actually do this (vape), but my friend does. I was advised that some of the ‘vaping solutions’ are nicotine-free & are used as a way to get off this drug. When I arrived, there was a thin ‘fog’ filing the air & several customers sipping coffee & puffing on their vaping devices. It reminded me of a visit I made to Amsterdam, several years ago (different stuff being inhaled) !

I joked with my friend “it would be nice if we could ‘vape’ on a cannabis juice”.. today I read that UK is set to legalise such a substance. BUT only a hemp-based extract for medicinal purposes.. with CBD only & not THC. Therefore you can’t ‘get high’ from it.

I find it interesting that many legislators (including here in Aotearoa/NZ) make excuses that legalisation (specifically medicinal but also Recreational) will lead to an increase in smoking, NOT acceptable for med-use.. BUT smoking it is obviously not the only option for ingestion !!

BUT methinks that this new ‘craze’ (supposedly to stop tobacco smoking) could change people views on other ‘vaping’ options ? (fingers crossed)

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