out of the shadows…

I read that a list of 50 ‘influential people’ in USA who admit trying/using cannabis/marijuana has been published.. this list includes :

1) 3 recent USA Presidents.. including the one who said ‘I tried it.. but didn’t inhale..’

2) several TV & movie actors/celebs.

3) musicians

4) business entrepreneurs

5) ‘legal eagles’

6) writers

7) sports stars

8) other politicians

The idea of the list, is to show that ‘pot-smokers’ are NOT the stereotypical ‘losers’, ‘no-hopers’ & ‘social drop-outs’ that the media & others, often portray !

If the law reform movement wishes to gain credibility & success in ending this failed/outdated ‘Drug war’ then we need increasing numbers of people to; come out of the shadows.. stand up & be counted !
Fear of retribution or loss of social status, needs to end.. else we all just continue to be on the losing side.. a bunch of LIERS

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